The body is the vehicle through which we inhabit our lives. The body is a key to our personal evolution. The body is a map to our purpose.

Treatments are a tangible space for us to work with the inherent wisdom of your body to support all levels of your being in realizing and fulfilling your destiny.

Sessions are comprised of three interconnected parts: comprehensive health consultation, hands-on treatment, and discerning key strategies and self care practices for you to apply in your daily life.

During a consultation, we make a multifaceted investigation into physical, emotional, and mental health. We inquire into how we can be at home and at ease in our bodies and our lives, and examine what contributes to states of illness and dis-ease. Our consultation is also a time to answer your questions and create a plan for our treatment that day.

In our hands-on treatment, we draw from many tools, including:

  • Chinese medicine diagnostics of pulse, tongue and abdominal organs

  • manual assessment and bodywork based in Shiatsu and Thai massage

  • acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, and moxibustion

  • topical use of essential oils

  • energetic work drawing from osteopathic principles

  • specific bodywork to support your spine and sacrum, nervous system, digestive system, generative organs, pelvis, and breasts

Homework strategies for you may include dietary, herbal or supplement prescriptions, self massage, breathing practices, pilates or qi gong exercises, hydrotherapy, and moxa application.


Who do you do treatments with?

I am trained as a general practitioner and I work with people of all ages and genders.

My primary study is the health of uterine, ovarian, vulvo-vaginal, and pelvic floor systems, our relationship to these structures and organs, and how consciously inhabiting these systems can guide us in all aspects of life.

What if I’ve had an organ removed?

Through the lens of Chinese medicine, an aspect of our spirit resides in each of our blood-filled organs. This aspect of our spirit is still present as an energetic signature in the body when an organ has been removed. In bodies that once held a uterus for example, we may work to nourish and attune to the uterine signature and rectify any trauma related to the uterus, past and present. On a physical level, abdominal and pelvic floor manual therapies greatly support the integrity of the pelvis as a whole when there has been any kind of pelvic surgery.

What to expect at your Initial visit

Our first appointment lasts 2-2.25 hours. Together we review your health history, your intentions for coming in, discuss any questions or concerns you have, and develop a treatment plan. Our consultation lasts 30-60 minutes, and we spend up to 90 minutes in our hands-on treatment. During the first appointment I will map out the range of options I would consider and/or recommend for your unique situation, giving you a framework of options to explore in your self care and in conjuctions with myself or other practitioners.

What to expect at Return visits

Return visits last 60-90 minutes. At the beginning of each appointment we briefly evaluate your current needs or desired focus for treatment, note progress or changes, and discuss how it has been for you to implement any home practices or protocols since your last appointment. As we proceed with our hands-on treatment, we continue to court the inherent wisdom of your body systems to guide the direction of our work, and discern which tools we apply in our time together.

After your session

You may feel terrific! Or, you may feel tired, emotional, or mentally unclear. Either way, please allow space after your session to rest and integrate the work we have done. I highly recommend taking a walk immediately after your treatment before going home or moving on to the next task of your day.

It’s possible to feel achy or sore after a treatment. This should resolve within 48 hours following the treatment. Support yourself by drinking water, taking a salt bath, stretching, and paying attention to what your body may be asking for. Please contact me if you have any concerns.

How many treatments do I need?

Because of my travel schedule, I often work with people just once or twice a year. This is often plenty of time for a comprehensive consultation and treatment to catalyze your health to the next level. When time permits, I typically suggest a series of 3-6 sessions, as appropriate for our focus together. Follow up treatment are scheduled seasonally or as a new focus emerges.

I also offer two types of distance consultations for us to assess what is happening for you and strategize optimal self care practices. I offer a 1 hour comprehensive health assessment and consultation for new clients or for folks who feel they need a longer time with me, and I offer a 30 minute consultation for established clients when a shorter meeting is called for.

evolutionary medicine + accessibility

In general, my work is catalystic in nature rather than "maintenance", and is rooted in bodywork. Acupuncture is incorporated as needed as a natural extension of hands-on work. My normal rates reflect this style of practice. I also strongly believe that acupuncture should be accessible and affordable primary care, allowing for multiple treatments a week when we're actively sick, and weekly treatments when working to gain ground over long-standing issues. As the need arises, we may create an acupuncture-focused treatment plan for you at a sliding scale based on what you can reasonably afford to pay.

payment, cancellation + more logistics

Payment: For in-person sessions, payment is expected at the time of the appointment.

I accept cash, checks, credit card, and Paypal. (Please make checks out to J. Lokajickova)

Credit card and Paypal payments accrue a service charge of 2.9%.

I charge $35 for a returned check.

Cancellations: Please give at least 48 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling an appointment. Less than 48 hour notice incurs a 50% charge of the scheduled treatment fee. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice are charged full price for the scheduled treatment. Exceptions to this are cases of sudden illness that prevents travel, or other emergency. Thank you!

Timeliness: If you arrive late to your appointment, I will work with you for our remaining scheduled time. As my schedule permits, we may make up some or all of the lost time. If I am not able to extend our session in this way, full payment is still due.

All sessions are strictly non-sexual. In the event I perceive sexual intent, the session will be terminated immediately and full payment required.

heart + root


Humanity is the bridge between heaven and earth. We are earthly creatures inhabiting physical bodies, and we also inhabit the astral: the realm of imagination, dream, intuition, inspiration and vision.

Within our bodies is another bridge, between our heart and our root. Chinese medicine cosmology tells us that the heart houses our life curriculum and purpose, and that our root (the pelvis and kidney system) houses our will: our capacity to do the daily work necessary to fulfill our life path.

In a newborn whose nervous system is at ease, we can observe that the breath moves along the entire vertical axis of the body, traversing the space between the heart and root and moving to expand through each spinal vertebrae. Throughout our development and growth, we inevitably experience emotional pain. There is no pain quite like emotional pain. When we are hurt, our natural response is to draw away from our pain. Our breath is directly linked to our emotional responses, so as we experience trauma, our breath often retreats from its original pathway. Where breath goes, qi flows. When our breath cannot fully traverse the pathway between heart and root, we lose access to parts of ourselves. We can feel uneasy in our bodies, unsure of our purpose; indecisive and unclear, lacking healthy boundaries, and less able to tap into our self-knowing and intuition.

In all hands-on work, we gently call the breath to return to its original pathway, unifying heart and root so that we have full access to all of our own resources.

uterus + menses


Our hormonal waveforms, ovulation and menstruation mirror the movements of the earth. Like the seasons, we go through periods of cooling and warming, consolidation and expansion. Like the moon, we move through phases of quiet and retreat, fullness and expression.

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack writes that our menstruation is the “fifth vital sign”. The quality and quantity of our blood, along with how we experience our menstruation, directly reflect our overall health. Ferocious PMS, irregularly timed cycles, very short or long cycles, very light bleeding, heavy bleeding, clots, brown, purple, black or very bright red blood, and cramps, and are all important indicators. We can study our cycles like a map, following our body’s clues to understand where and how our health needs tending.

Do you practice “Maya” abdominal massage?

I have studied with Rosita Arvigo, DN, a North American educator who brought very valuable teachings and techniques from the Maya people of Belize to the U.S. and beyond. In Belize, Rosita’s primary teachers were three indigenous Maya medicine people: Don Elijio Panti, Miss Hortense Robinson, and Miss Beatrice Waight. Rosita integrated the lineage teachings she received from these teachers with her own education in advanced soft tissue manipulation. Rosita and the Arvigo Institute provide training in the U.S. and internationally, and certify practitioners in “The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy“. Through my study to identify and dismantle my internalized racism as a white woman, it has become clear to me that it is absolutely inappropriate for me to use the name of an indigenous people to identify my work. I do not identify myself as an “Arvigo practitioner” or as practicing “Maya Abdominal Massage/Therapy” for this reason.

I no longer follow the sequence of techniques or format of practice that I was taught by Rosita and the Arvigo Institute, as my work has become its own over the years through learning from various teachers and the body itself. I do continue to draw upon the wisdom and manual skills that I learned from Rosita, which came directly from Don Elijio, Miss Hortence and Miss Beatrice. I strive to honor their lineage and their lives in my work, and allow the teachings they shared with Rosita to continue to teach me.

Why do you use the word vagina/pussy?

Many feminists take offense to the term vagina because the original Latin means "sheath" or "scabbard". A common Latin word for penis was gladius, which means "sword". While one could infer this original Latin vocabulary was insinuating that a vagina’s purpose is to hold a penis, I have come to appreciate this example of how language often reveals truths that were not originally realized.

We keep in a sheath what is important or precious or fragile. Without a sheath, an instrument becomes dull and damaged and loses its power. Objects of fine craftsmanship or rare materials lose their value. Therefore, a sheath is a place where preciousness is kept and maintained. That which is held in a sheath is important only because of the sheath itself. That which enters here is made sacred.

Pussy is a word that to me, conveys the sensuality and sass of our genitals. Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries writes, “Like the big cats from which they were named, pussies hold the same sense of autonomy, elegance, softness and power. Pussies grace us with their purring presence, and yet with a single hiss can set a nonnegotiable boundary. Pussies enjoy themselves thoroughly, take pleasure whenever they want it, and yet answer to no one. Pussies belong to themselves, give only when they feel like it, and yet are adored. Pussies are innately sensual, sovereign, mysterious, and mystical.”


holistic pelvic care


The pelvic bowl plays a huge role in our overall well being. Physically, the pelvis is the foundation for our spine, posture, and all of our movement. On an energetic level, the pelvis is a palace of consciousness: it houses the wisdom, intuition, and creative power of our generative organs, and is the domain of our sexuality and sensual pleasure. Therapeutic care for the root of the body is notably absent in colonized societies. Hands-on pelvic care is often only available once a pathology such as organ prolapse or incontinence have manifested.

Holistic Pelvic Care utilizes hands-on assessment, bodywork techniques, and simple breathing exercises to balance and revitalize the pelvic bowl by calling our consciousness to fully inhabit the root of our body. Tami Kent, MSPT developed the foundation of this work to address the health of the pelvic bowl at any stage of life or health.

The pelvis goes through many shifts and changes throughout our life and can be supported by bodywork just like any other area of the body. HPC works to realign muscle fibers and release constricted fascia in the pelvic bowl, clear congestion and energetic patterns in the pelvis, and catalyze a dynamic, energetic connection to the pelvic space and our organs. Regular HPC can prevent pathologies such as organ prolapse and incontinence which result from extended periods of stress on the pelvic bowl.

The truth about Kegels & “weak” pelvic floor

In most cases, the pelvic floor is not “weak”. What is usually the case is pelvic imbalance, where some muscles are engaging and others are overworking to compensate. Kegels reinforce whatever pattern is already present in the pelvis: they can only strengthen muscle fibers that are already engaged, and they cannot bring back online muscles that not firing. This is why so many people end up frustrated with Kegels: they aren't very helpful. HPC is different because we are using our breath, consciousness and life force along with supportive touch to clear, reclaim and balance the energetic space of our root. This energetic work makes it possible to physically realign muscle fibers so we can engage our pelvis fully when needed, and relax completely when there is no bodily demand on our pelvic floor.

HPC for overall well-being

  • Restore pelvic muscle balance and engagement
  • Support organ health and alignment
  • Improve pelvic sensation
  • Increase libido and orgasmic potential
  • Establish clear energetic boundaries
  • Clear pelvic congestion and support pelvic wellness
  • Prepare your pelvic space for pregnancy
  • Revitalize your pelvic bowl after giving birth
  • Find healing after miscarriage
  • Reclaim your body from past trauma

Find relief from common pelvic symptoms

  • Pelvic pain and cramping
  • Decreased or painful mobility in hips and pelvis
  • Pain with sitting
  • Pain from cysts, fibroids and scar tissue
  • Painful periods
  • Pain with sex
  • Organ prolapse (often presenting as a sense of heaviness in your pelvis)
  • Urinary leakage

What to expect during your appointment

Before we begin your first treatment, we discuss how I will approach your body, initiate touch, and what will happen during the internal treatment. Every time we do internal work, I ask for your consent twice while you are on the table: once as we prepare for internal work, and again before we begin. Your pelvic area remains covered for the duration of the session except at the beginning of the HPC treatment when I lift the sheet momentarily to confirm my hand placement.

During HPC, I insert one finger into your vagina and assess how your pelvic muscles are engaging. The physical pressure I apply can range from very gentle touch to deeper tissue manipulation when working with restricted muscle fibers. Your body is always the guide for treatment, and I work only as deeply and for as long as your body allows. We typically spend 20-30 minutes working directly with the intra-vaginal techniques, and the rest of the session is focused on overall bodywork to support your integration of the HPC.

I use hypoallergenic nitrile gloves and water based lubricant for all HPC treatments.

What will I notice after a session?

Many people experience a profound shift in the pelvis after just one treatment, which can feel like a renewed sense of connection and awareness in your pelvic space, an immediate decrease in overall symptoms, and more balanced pelvic engagement.

Reinhabiting our pelvis often brings up emotions that have been stored deep in the body. Be gentle with yourself and allow your emotions to unwind as best as you are able.

When we have worked to open areas that were carrying tension, it is common to feel sore, tender or achy after your treatment. This should subside within 2 days.

During Menstruation

Receiving HPC during menses can actually assist the treatment as the body is already shedding, giving us the opportunity to release emotions along with our blood.

Pregnancy & Post-Partum

Internal pelvic work during pregnancy can help you inhabit your root in preparation for labor, bringing you into greater connection with your instincts and intuition.

Vaginal healing after birth is greatly assisted by HPC. If you had a traumatic birth experience, HPC is profoundly helpful to calm the nervous system and realign your body and spirit.

If you had a cesarean birth, we can work directly with your incision to prevent or resolve scar tissue that can interfere with sensation. HPC helps us reconnect through our root after surgery, and rectify any pelvic imbalance caused by prolonged vaginal birth attempt, trauma or strong emotions like fear, anger or anxiety you experienced in relationship to your birth.

Your body will be our guide for treatment. Some women receive treatment for an extended period of time and others for just a few visits. A set of three sessions, spaced 1-2 weeks apart, is recommended to restore basic pelvic balance. Longer treatment is appropriate when the pace of the your body directs us to progress more slowly.

breast wellness

Receiving breast massage and learning to massage our own breasts is a nourishing, enjoyable way to tend to our bodies, and can be a positive replacement for “self breast exam”. Breast exam is fear-based in nature, designed and promoted to search for abnormalities in breast tissue. Often this is the only therapeutic, non-sexual touch that we ever receive for our breasts. Breast massage from the perspective of wellness supports the overall health of breast tissue and serves as preventative care. When we regularly massage our breasts from a place of loving attention for our bodies, we become intimately familiar with our breasts. In the event that something unusual forms in our tissues, we are much more attuned to those changes through the relationship of touch that we have already established with our breasts.

For anyone who is uncomfortable with receiving breast massage but wants to learn self breast massage, during our consultation I can describe the techniques to you and demonstrate them on my own body, over my clothing.

Breast massage benefits:

  • support healthy musculature and structural mobility of the whole chest
  • stimulates free flow of lymph and blood to keep breast tissue vibrant and healthy
  • resolve discomfort
  • facilitate healing from surgeries
  • tone the skin
  • alleviates and prevents achy, tender and fibrocystic breasts
  • support the breasts during and after periods of breastfeeding
  • soften scar tissue from medical procedures
  • reclaim your breasts as your own after traumatic or abusive experiences
  • integrate your breasts with the rest of your body
  • fosters emotional connection to the heart
  • nourish connection to sensuality and sexuality

about your session

During breast massage, your breasts are undraped for massage directly over breast tissue, and are covered while working on the rest of the chest. The nipples and area around the nipples are not massaged. I ask your consent before undraping your breasts or beginning any massage to the breast tissue.

Some people appreciate receiving breast massage as part of their regular or occasional bodywork treatments, and some people are most interested in learning to do the massage themselves. A minimum of two sessions are recommended to fully learn the massage to practice on yourself.




V-steaming has received an increasing amount of attention the last few years. It’s not a fad! Using herbal steams has been a part of indigenous medicine in many parts of the world for centuries, where people have utilizing the alchemy of fire, water, and herbal medicine to care for the uterus and root of the body.

The tissues of the vulva (what you see on the outside) and the vagina (what can be felt on the inside) are mucous membranes. This delicate skin is very permeable due to a rich concentration of blood vessels, meaning that these tissues can readily absorb medicinal properties of herbs used in steaming. Because of this receptivity of our pelvis, v-steams are an ideal therapy to treat any kind of imbalance in the pelvic organs or tissues.

V-steams may be available as an add on to treatment when I am in your area.

are steams good for…?

Most of the questions I get about steaming are about whether steams can help with your unique experience: painful periods, UTI, strange discharge, yeast and bacterial infection, fibroids and cysts, endometriosis, vaginal dryness, trouble conceiving, hemorrhoids, healing postpartum.. the list goes on and on! The answer is almost always YES. V-steaming is a fabulous therapy to address any kind of imbalance “down there”. Different herbal steaming blend are used to best address what is happening for you.

What happens during a v-steam?

If it’s your first time doing a steam with me, we begin by walking you through how to use the steamer unit. We match you with an herbal steaming blend that best fits your needs, you change into a steam skirt, and then you have a seat on your steamer, and allow the warm vapors to do their magic! The steam itself lasts 30 minutes.

Am I going to be “exposed”?

No, you stay wrapped up in your steam skirt through the duration of your v-steam.

This depends on what you are wanting to address by steaming. Please refer to Steamy Chick's brilliant DIY tutorial for more detailed recommendations. If you are not looking to address a particular concern, you can consider steaming monthly, or every few months as you feel drawn to it. Steams are also a great way to turn inward and support our body’s processes when we are going through life changes like moving to a new home, shifting jobs, and ending or starting new relationships.

treating specific circumstances

Here are a few general guidelines. Please visit Steamy Chick's DIY Tutorial for more detailed recommendations.

Flora imbalance – 1-5x per week when you are not menstruating helps your body detoxify and regain balance.

Endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, cysts or fibroids – up to every day when you are not menstruating to deliver potent plant medicine to your root, inviting your body to resolve irregular cell growth.

Painful periods or hormonal migraines – steaming up to every day in the week before your period or throughout your entire cycle up until bleeding can assist your body’s ability to move your hormones smoothly, and open and release your menses more easefully.

Irregular periods – steam with the full moon and new moon to encourage your organ energetics (ovulation and menstruation) orientation towards the phases of the moon.

Preparing to conceive or actively trying to conceive – steam 1-3x a month or up to every day when you are not bleeding, and up to ovulation to support detoxification and healthy ovulation.

Before IUI or IVF – steaming the morning before your procedure helps moisten, warm, and open the uterus, encouraging successful implantation.

Full-term pregnancy – under a midwife’s supervision, steams can be done to promote labor.

Postpartum – once there is no heavy bleeding, DIY home steams can be done up to every day during the fourth trimester. Steaming 1-3x a month for the first 3 months after vaginal birth supports the health and tone of pelvic tissues as you heal. V-steams also help revitalize the V after an attempted vaginal birth that resulted in a cesarian. Check with your birth support team before beginning steams after giving birth.

Peri Menopause – monthly steams throughout this powerful transition can help your uterus release any held emotion or stagnant blood and regulate hormone balance as your body moves towards a post-menstrual state.

Post Menopause – quarterly steams keep the vaginal tissues supple and toned, and more frequent steaming can be utilized if you experience uncomfortable dryness.

Are there times when v-steaming is not appropriate?

Yes, there is some fine print! V-steaming is not appropriate:

During pregnancy or menstruation – our body is pretty busy doing it’s own thing!

After insemination if you are trying to conceive.

In the presence of "hot" conditions: very hot weather, burning itching, fresh spotting, and if you have prolonged heavy bleading or bleeding between periods.

Cautions: If you use a birth control patch, or have had Essure or other uterine or ovarian procedures recently, please consult a steam practitioner before starting v-steam therapy.

In cases of moderate to severe incontinence, DIY steams at home may be appropriate.

During an active herpes outbreak, or in the case of other open sores or broken skin, gentle steaming only may be considered with consultation with a trusted healthcare provider.