medicine of the feminine workshop • Aug 30 - 31, 2019 • weaverville, NC

Friday 9am - 6pm + Saturday 9am - 1pm

Holistic, embodied, alchemical gynecology. This course is a thorough overview of generative systems health for body sovereignty: ecology and alchemy of uterine, ovarian, breast, pelvic floor and vulvo-vaginal systems. We study physical and energetic medicine to catalyze our health, nourish our heart and inhabit our soul's purpose. We explore logistics and energetics of the organ systems, hormone cycles, fertility navigation, and how to treat common imbalances, as well as alchemical practices for whole body and organ-specific vitality. Topics covered include:

  • “reading the blood”: discerning what different colors, quantities, textures and sensations signify during menses

  • understanding hormonal waveforms and observing fertility signs for health tracking and fertility choices

  • vaginal steaming as primary medicine to treat imbalances in the root of the body

  • cervical observation and wellness practices; treatment for irregular cells and cysts

  • physical and energetic tending of uterus, ovaries, pelvic floor, vagina and vulva

  • practices to tap into the generative systems as pathways for soul inhabitance

  • breast massage and abdominal massage as key self-care practices

  • strategies for identifying and treating common imbalances of the generative systems

No nudity or explicit touch is expected of participants during this course. Demonstrations of breast massage, abdominal massage and using a speculum to visualize the cervix are a part of this curriculum. Subsequent practice sessions may be utilized as far as participants are comfortable, and in all practice sessions there is the option to participate fully clothed.

touch as medicine Workshop • Aug 31 + Sep 1 • weaverville, NC

Saturday 3 - 7pm + Sunday 9am - 6pm

Small group, hands-on study for health practitioners and students. In this course we hone our skill of touch, build our toolkit for life-changing treatments, and expand our understanding of how to work with generative systems ecology and alchemy in our practice. Touch is medicine which can call the soul to more fully inhabit the body, opening the gates of destiny. Structure of class alternates between short presentations and discussion, with the majority of class time spent in hands-on practice. Topics covered include:

  • a wide spectrum of physical and energetic approaches to spine and sacrum, abdomen, pelvis and breasts

  • tracking the nervous system as key to sustainable transformation

  • discerning tissue states to determine direction of treatment

  • inviting soul inhabitance and destiny to guide treatment: "do" less and achieve more in sessions

  • creating an energetic framework to build exactly the practice you want

  • courting the living, changing force that is MEDICINE to instruct our work

  • a kata (ordered sequence) of techniques that provide a framework during treatment, which you can adapt to your particular work

Class size is capped at 10 participants to ensure ample one-on-one support during practice sessions.

course logistics: medicine of the feminine + touch as medicine

Cost: $150 per course or $260 for whole weekend immersion.

Scholarships of $100 per course or $160 for weekend immersion are available to people of color, students, people who would otherwise be unable to attend due to cost, and returning participants who have taken courses with me in the past.

Cancellation policy: 100% refund until August 16th; 50% refund until August 23rd. No refunds after August 23rd.

Gender, organs, and phase of life: these courses focus on uterine, ovarian, and vulvo-vaginal systems, and are designed for people inhabiting these generative systems. A strong emphasis is on the ovulatory phase of life (ovulating and menstruating; pre-menopausal). People of all genders inhabiting uterine, ovarian, and vulvo-vaginal systems are invited to attend, as well as people who have had organs removed or are post-menopausal, understanding that these courses focus on ovulatory years.

CEU and PDA points are not available currently for Touch as Medicine.

Location: Courses will be held at the beautiful Veritas Lodge, nestled in the lush valley of Herb Mountain Farm in Weaverville, NC, a 30 minute drive from downtown Asheville.

Meals: We will have a one hour lunch break on Friday and Sunday, and a two hour break on Saturday for people attending the whole weekend. You are welcome to pack lunches and use the lodge kitchen. Please note that if you prepare or warm your own food, the kitchen is vegetarian only. Herb Mountain Farm is in a rural area and there are no restaurants near enough for us to visit during our lunch breaks.

Simple snacks will be provided during our morning and afternoon sessions.

Overnight lodging is available for $35/night in the 4 or 5-bed dorms, or $55/night for a private room, which you can reserve with your course registration.