Travel Schedule 2019

JAN - FEB : Lumiar, Rio de Janeiro, BR

FEB - Pittsburgh, PA

FEB - APR : Oberlin, OH

APR - MAY : Asheville, NC

MAY : Oberlin, OH

JUNE : Santa Fe, NM

JULY : Oberlin, OH

AUGUST : Asheville + Chapel Hill, NC

SEPT - DEC : Lumiar, Rio de Janeiro, BR

about muse



I wear my nickname Muse like a title; my job is to court inspiration. My name is Jen Aliz Lokajickova. Lokaj is an antiquated Slavic word meaning footman. I am an agent of transport; I assist in transformation and passage from one point to another. My bloodline is woven of engineers and farmers, intuitives and teachers, artists and practically-minded creators. I am the marriage of science and magic. I have my grandmother’s hands. I am not a healer. Medicine is a living force that cannot be owned; the phenomenon of healing cannot be controlled. I am an alchemist: I am a physician and an educator; I am a visionary, mystic, and medicine carrier. I am in service to the Holy, the evolution of human consciousness and evolutionary medicine.

Hands-on medicine is the first human medicine. Through touch, we can be in intimate relationship with the complex workings of our body and energy systems and investigate the root cause of any dis-ease. As a practitioner I am here to invite an experience of wellness that moves beyond the moment as a motivating force, contributing to daily choices and personal evolution. Through devotion and through practice, we can inhabit our body as an instrument through which we may access the nectar of our hearts.

I received the name Medicine of the Feminine in a moment of divine clarity when I was starting my private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2009. At first I understood this name to mean that I work with “women’s health”. Indeed, since the year 2000 I had put all of my attention into studying the logistics of hormonal cycles, menstruation, and changing states of the vagina, vulva and uterus. As I have grown into my capacity as a physician and educator over the years since receiving this name, I have learned slowly and steadily that Medicine of the Feminine is a living school of alchemical information in which I am a student. The breadth of this study is much broader than the technical treatment of ovaries, uterus, or a vagina. At the same time, this body of information is profoundly available through encountering the inherent wisdom of ovarian, uterine, and vulvo-vaginal systems, as the yin force of life resides within yin organs. Medicine of the Feminine is the truth that our bodies and energy systems are an extension of nature and the force of the earth itself. Medicine of the Feminine is a way of being in relationship and a way of inhabitance that can instruct and guide us in all aspects of life, as individuals and as a species.



Private practice as licensed manual therapist, herbalist and community educator: Portland, OR (2007-09), Santa Fe, NM (2009-2012), Asheville, NC (2012-2017), International (2017-present).

Daoist Traditions College Clinic Student Internship in acupuncture and Chinese medicine: Asheville, NC (2014-2016).
Founder and formulator of Beija Flor Botanicals and VIVA! Medicinals: Portland, OR (2003-2009) and Santa Fe, NM (2009-2012).

Assistant Producer of Solsara personal growth workshops: Portland, OR and Asheville, NC (2007-09).


Master of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts: Asheville, NC (2012-2016). Didactic training: 2160 hours; Clinical practice: 1010 hours.

Massage Therapy Certificate Program with concentration in Shiatsu, Thai massage, and Chinese medicine cosmology, Oregon School of Massage: Portland OR (2005-2006). 590 hours.


Independent Study in Classical Pilates with Brooke Tyler, teacher trainer: Asheville, NC (2014-present).

Balance Method hands-on acupuncture training levels 1-4, Siyuan International: Charlotte, NC (2016). 28 hours.

Holistic Pelvic Care provider training with Tami Lynn Kent, MSPT: Portland, OR (2012). 27 hours.

Arvigo Techniques professional training levels 1-4 with Rosita Arvigo and the Arvigo Institute, LLC: Portland, OR and Greenfield, NH (2009-2012). 110 hours.

Traditional Northern style Thai massage with David Weitzer, LMT: Portland, OR (2006-2007). 34 hours.

Independent Study in Anusara yoga with Sarahjoy Marsh, RYT: Portland, OR (2005-2009).

Wilderness study apprenticeship in herbalism, Chinese medicine cosmology, hydrotherapy and traditional Lakota sweat lodge with Doug Simons, master herbalist: Gila, NM (2007).

Photos by Joshua Sage