Alchemy for the Root Workshop

The root of the body tells the truth : : Pussy as oracle : : Nervous system anchoring

The ancient texts of Chinese medicine say that humanity is the bridge between heaven and earth. In this workshop we study this “bridge”: the literal axis of qi that runs through the root of our body and anchors our deepest wisdom and intuition in our pelvic bowl, vagina, and generative organs. Alchemy for the Root explores ways of tending to our nervous system and gaining access to the alchemy coded into our physiology, so that we may better know our life path and discern right action in daily life. This workshop utilizes breath practices, movement, and our own touch as medicine to catalyze radiate vitality through the root of the body. (Note: all exercises in this class are done while fully clothed)

Medicine of the Feminine workshop

  • This course is a comprehensive owner’s guide to living in a body with uterine, ovarian, pelvic floor and vulvo-vaginal systems. We cover logistics and energetics of the organ systems, hormone cycles, fertility navigation, and how to treat common imbalances, as well as alchemical practices for whole body and organ-specific vitality. Topics covered include:

  • observing and charting fertility signs

  • “reading the blood” - understanding what different colors, quantities, textures and sensations signify during menses

  • vaginal steaming as primary medicine

  • cervical observation and wellness practices

  • uterine palpation, mobilization, and ovarian sensing

  • specific strategies for birth control, abortion, yeast and bacterial infection, abnormal cells, and more

Touch as Medicine intensives

For body-based practitioners and non-practitioners with natural ability in bodywork: hone your skill of touch and understanding of deep body system energetics, and learn the foundations of the manual therapies I offer in my practice. We will cover uterine palpation and mobilization, pelvic assessment and treatment; nervous system tracking through the heart, spine, and sacral plexus, and courting sustainable transformation.

Dancing the Root workshop for birth-workers

Energetics and skills to assist the root of the body before, during, and after birth. We’ll cover treatment for weeks 36+ that assists the sacrum’s ability to open and unroll during birth; tools for initiating and progressing labor, and postpartum pelvic integration and revitalization.