Noun: the dynamic force in all creation that inherently moves life towards balance; a living source of wisdom available in the heart of humanity and in the natural world; that which heals, even in death.


Adjective: the yin aspect of humankind: that which listens deeply, is guided by intuition, dream, and the astral; that which moves only from a place of stillness.

Noun: the place from which intuition arises; the taproot connecting humans to the Earth.

alchemy for the root

Our bodies contain the key to our origin, purpose, and destiny.

The ancient texts of Chinese medicine offer us a unique perspective into our physiology. It is written that when we are in utero, we receive from the astral (the heavens) the curriculum of our life path, which is seeded in our heart. The heart knows who we are, and what we are here for. The root of the body, from our kidneys down through our pelvis, houses our will: our capacity to do the daily work required to fulfill our life path. The will is our capacity for creation.

When we are born, our breath becomes the bridge between our heart and our root, facilitating the line of communication between these two organ systems. Every breath opens the way for us to inhabit our heart and our root with our consciousness; every breath gives us access to our life curriculum.

We are born with this alchemy coded into our being. Wisdom resides in our cells. Conscious practice to return home to this line of communication as our natural state of being is the core of Medicine of the Feminine.


We don’t need to look far to see that as a whole, the human species has not yet realized our humanity. Humanity is defined as benevolence, compassion, humaneness, kindness, consideration, understanding, sympathy, tolerance, goodness, gentleness, mercy, tenderness, charity, and generosity. Just as the key to our individual destiny and life work is encoded in the wisdom of our body and energy system, so is the solution for a brighter future embedded within collective humankind. Consider the concept of salvation that is central to many religious traditions of our world: independent of any specific religious dogma, salvation is, its most essential form, the promise of inherent potential to transform towards wholeness. This is the seed of change that is waiting to sprout in the heart of humankind, that can grow us into our humanity.

So here we are, at the tipping point of climate change; megaflora and insect populations are plummeting, topsoil disappearing, there is plastic in our bloodstream, and most world “powers”are still consumed by pathological pursuits of dominion and profit. How can we best work towards a brighter future?

Our every word, thought, and action determines the present. Our every word, thought, and action paves the way for the future, and unravels and reconciles the past. We are so much more than we know. Our minds can barely grasp what we are truly capable of.

Medicine of the Feminine is a study in alchemical entrainment to our life work, which begins with tending to ourselves: our relationship to our bodies and our habits, our homes and nature, and our families and communities. This is what permaculture design describes as “zone zero”. The center must be strong to extend outward. Roots must be healthy for a tree to bear fruit. How we are in zone zero is the foundation of all we live and do.

Where do we put our attention? What do we feed our bodies and our minds? How do we listen and watch to understand who and what are we here to be? How do we align our daily actions with the destiny encoded into our being? How can we become agents of wholeness, letting the heavens speak through us; letting the earth itself move us? How do we practice loving-kindness, awareness, integrity, humility, and discipline?

Let’s get to work. Daily life is our school, where we are forever students.

From the Talmud: Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.

We are the revolution.